Espoma Iron-tone



5 Lb Bag

Organic fertilizer & Iron supplement
  • Fast acting iron supplement
  • Turns yellow to green naturally
  • Will not stain concrete surfaces

For lawns, flowers, vegetables, evergreen & ornamental shrubs, berries, citrus, shade, ornamental & fruit trees.

Use in Early Spring, or any time during the growing season where iron chlorosis (yellow leaves) exists.

Flowers, Vegetables & Berries: Apply 1 lb. (3 cups) per 100 square feet or 1/2 tbsp. per plant.
Trees & Shrubs: Sprinkle 1-2 cups around the drip line of the plant.

Apply at a rate of 10 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. See chart for spreader settings. Water thoroughly after application.

Spreader Model Setting
All EarthWay Broadcast Spreaders 27
All Scotts Drop Spreaders 15 (2 Passes)
All Scotts Broadcast Spreaders 15

The above spreader settings will vary according to the rate of walk and the mechanical condition of the spreader. Adjustment of the spreader settings may be necessary to apply the proper amount.

Do not apply near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches. Do not apply if heavy rain is expected. Apply this product only to your lawn/garden, and sweep any product that lands on the driveway, sidewalk, or street back onto your lawn/garden.

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