Equine Hay Basket Hay Feeder


Equine Hay Basket

The Equine Hay Basket by Tarter is ideal for feeding hay bales to horses. With a 34� height, it promotes better digestion and reduces respiratory issues by allowing horses to eat in a natural position. Made with 1¾� steel tubing, this hay feeder is 64� in diameter, providing enough space for three or four horses to feed at once. Its heavy-duty plastic basket fits snugly into the steel tubing and keeps hay raised off the ground, while the large ventilation gaps prevent moisture buildup. For proper drainage, there are holes at the bottom of the basket. As a lightweight feeder, it is easy to move around for maintaining clean feeding areas and improved pasture management.

  • Horse hay feeder basket
  • Ideal height proper digestion
  • Heavy-duty and built to last 
  • Large ventilation gaps prevent moisture buildup and promote proper drainage
  • Easy to move and clean
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