EquiLix Mineral Tub


EquiLix is an "all-in-one" vitamin and mineral supplement for horses that include strong prebiotic and digestive aids to support better horse health and performance

Today's horse owner is more quality conscious than ever because they know good quality produces better results.

Those results come in many forms. Some are visual such as a shiny hair coat and bright eye and good health. Others are reflected in better performance for the working animal.

In the end it comes down to economics and that's where SweetPro's EquiLix shines brightly. A healthy horse looks better and costs less to maintain. Now with the excellent feed efficiency from EquiLix, the cost of maintaining your horse in top condition can be reduced.

• Digestion supported
• Supports excellent feed efficiency
• Supports resistance to colicing
• Shiny, healthy hair coat supported
• Strong, solid hooves supported
• Better lubricity of joints supported
• Strength and endurance supported
• Temperament supported
• Hard-keepers gain weight
• Bright clear eyes supported
• Overall health supported

EquiLix Feeding Directions

1) Before feeding EquiLix blocks for the first time, horses should be well fed and have access to plenty of clean fresh water.
2) Have one lick block available for each 5 to 15 horses.
3) Provide an adequate source of good quality forage at all times.
4) Place lick blocks near areas where animals loaf and at least 100 yards
from water.
5) Make EquiLix blocks available in more than one location in large pastures or where more than one water source is available.
6) If animals run out of EquiLix, repeat from step one.
7) Other salt and minerals may provide free choice to balance specific rations.
8) A two-week adaptation will be required to establish a base
consumption rate.
9) The above feeding directions are general guidelines and will vary with the overall feeding conditions. Always adapt to your specific requirements.

WARNING: Contains 500 ppm copper. DO NOT feed to sheep!
• Do not use in association with another feed containing supplemental selenium.

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