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Equi-Jewel Horse Supplement


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Equi-Jewel is a high-fat, rice bran based, safe and efficient way to meet your horse's energy needs. Developed by Kentucky Performance Products, it minimizes digestive issues and supports muscle function. With stabilized rice bran, it provides a highly digestible source of fat that supplies more energy than carbohydrates and proteins. Keep your horse cool and thriving with Equi-Jewel. It is a great source of energy for horses struggling with RER and PSSM. Equi-Jewel  high-fat supplement offers horse owners a way to get calories into their horse's diet without adding a lot of starch and sugars (NSC). 

  • Rice bran, high-fat supplement
  • Built for performance horses, horses in training, hard keepers, senior horses, growing horses, and brood mares
  • Low starch and sugar formula
  • Digestible source of energy
  • High levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin and hair health and a shiny coat
  • Available in a 40 lb. bag

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