EnergiLass SGD Mineral Tub


EnergiLass SGD Mineral Tub

For Sheep, Goats and Deer - 50 lb tub 

A Blue Seal Feed

EnergiLass SGD is a protein, mineral and vitamins supplement formulated for ewes and does prebreeding through lambing/kidding, and to all sheep, goats and deer on medium to low quality pasture, hay or forage. 


Features & Benefits

High energy

Molasses and added fat provide high energy. Licking helps produce saliva benefitting rumen stability and forage digestion making EnergiLass tubs ideal for supplementing lower quality hay or pasture. 

Highly palatable

The high level of molasses solids and fat make for a highly palatable product. There is no added salt to inhibit intake, yet with the hard block form, overconsumption is not an issue.

Continuous protein delivery

As pastures mature, forage quality can decline. Supplementing with protein allows the rumen to better digest mature forages.

Trace minerals and vitamins

Formulated to provide trace minerals and vitamins to help support optimal animal health and performance.

No added copper

This mineral lick is formulated without added copper and is safe for all breeds of sheep.

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