Blue Seal EnergiLass 18% Protein Goat Mineral Tub


Blue Seal EnergiLass Goat is a supplement for growing, finishing, breeding, and lactating goats and is provided in a 33 lb. tub. The 18% protein mineral tub provides protein, minerals and vitamins formulated for does before breeding and kidding, and to all goats on medium to low quality pasture, hay, or forage. 

  • Increased energy levels are achieved through the addition of molasses and fat.
  • The molasses solids and fat in this product contribute to its highly palatable nature.
  • Supplementing with protein allows the rumen to better digest mature forages when pastures get tough or hay quality is course.
  • Formulated to provide trace minerals and vitamins to help support optimal animal health and performance including ammonium chloride which aids in the prevention of urinary calculi.
  • Available in a 33 lb. tub
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