Poulin Grain E-Tec One Pellet Horse Feed


E-Tec One Pellet Equine Feed - Poulin Grains

A highly fortified pelleted equine feed designed for horses at any life stage. (Formerly EQUI-PRO E-TEC). With no grains or molasses and high fiber, this is a low sugar and starch formula making  E-Tech One suitable for horses with metabolic concerns or needing digestive support and is safe for easy keepers and mini/ponies too.

  • 14.0% Protein
  • 8.0% Fat
  • 18.0% Fiber
  • 10.4% Starch
  •  4.4% Sugar
Now featuring Ca+RE EQ™

A highly bioavailable marine source of calcium source for superior gastric buffering, improved bone density and repair, reduction in joint inflammation, and reduced overall stress. Ca+RE EQ™ provides a natural and highly bioavailable source of calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals from a marine algae-derived mineral source, listed on ingredient tags as "calcite". The unique microscopic honeycomb structure of this complex provides a large surface area for digestive enzymes to act, causing increased utilization and uptake of calcium and other minerals, for a variety of beneficial effects on your horse’s overall health and performance. This provides nearly twice the gut buffering effect than traditional sources. 

Life Stages
  • Weanling/Yearling
  • Pregnant / Lactating
  • Adult Maintenance
  • Active Performance
  • Contains the latest science-based technology to provide horses with a low-carb feed safe for horses susceptible to metabolic conditions or ulcers.
  • Chromium for increased glucose utilization and improved immune function, growth and overall health

  • Live cell yeast that aids in digestion, absorption and overall gut health

  • Organic trace minerals that have increased bioavailability and provide increased resistance against stress and disease

  • All natural Vitamin E which is significantly more potent than synthetic vitamin E, making it more available to the horse and staying active in the body for longer

  • 100% organic selenium, a powerful antioxidant and significant in boosting immune function

  • Enhanced levels of Omega 3 to aid in anti-inflammation, performance and recovery

General Equine Feeding Guidelines 

Divide feed into a minimum of two equal feedings. Never feed more than 0.5 lbs of grain per 100 lbs of body weight in a single feeding. If more feed is needed per day to maintain body condition, consider adding a third feeding or reduce grain and add a high-energy fat supplement. 

The amount of grain fed to any horse will vary depending on forage quality and availability in addition to the animal’s weight, body condition, performance level, metabolism and age. 

All dietary changes should be made slowly over 10-14 days. 

If your horse has dental problems or trouble swallowing, use a product that can be soaked in water before feeding. 

If feeding less than the daily recommended amount of a concentrated feed, contact The Mill's equine team to get a recommended supplement to meet adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. 

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