Poulin Grain E-Tec Carb Safe Pellet Horse Feed


E-Tec Carb Safe Pellet Equine Feed - Poulin Grain

Formulated for horses that are sensitive to the sugar and starch content of feeds, this low carbohydrate, reduced energy feed is well-suited for overweight horses and those suffering from Cushing's Disease, and Insulin Resistance, Rhabdomylosis or Tying-Up Syndrome,  Foundering or Laminitis, or other metabolic conditions. Contains chromium for improved insulin and blood glucose regulation, and Ca+RE EQ™, a highly bioavailable marine-derived calcium source for nearly twice the gut buffering ability compared to traditional calcium sources., improved bone density and remodeling, reduced joint inflammation, and less overall stress. Help prevent gastric ulcers and digestive upsets with this high fiber, low starch and sugar feed.
  • 13.0%  Protein
  • 6.0% Fat
  • 28.0% Fiber
  • 2.2% Starch
  • 3.5% Sugar

Life Stages
  • Adult Maintenance
  • Active Performance

Special Needs
  • Digestive Support
  • Metabolic Concerns
  • Easy Keeper
  • Mini / Pony

  • Ca+RE EQ™, a highly bioavailable algae-derived calcium source for superior gastric buffering, improved bone density and repair, reduction in joint inflammation, and reduced overall stress.

  • Chromium - for increased glucose utilization and improved immune function, growth, performance, and overall health.

  • Live cell yeast - aids in digestion, absorption and overall gut health

  • Organic trace minerals - increased bioavailability and provide increased resistance against stress and disease

  • Natural Vitamin E  - significantly more potent than synthetic vitamin E, making it more available to the horse and staying active in the body for longer

  • 100% organic selenium, -  a powerful antioxidant and significant in boosting immune function

  • Enhanced levels of Omega 3 - aid in anti-inflammation, performance and recovery

  • Molasses-free

If feeding less than the daily recommended amount of a concentrated feed, contact The Mill's equine team to get a recommended supplement to meet adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. 

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