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Durvet WormEze Liquid for Dogs and Cats


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Durvet WormEze Liquid for Dogs and Cats treats large roundworm problems in dogs and cats. It contains piperazine citrate as its active ingredient, which is an anthelmintic that treats worm infections. It comes in a highly palatable formula that is irresistible to dogs, cats, and puppies and kittens older than 6 weeks. Durvet WormEze Liquid for Dogs and Cats is an effective dewormer that is specifically formulated to treat roundworms such as Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina, and Toxocara canis. Administer 1 teaspoon for every 5 pounds of body weight. May be given by mixing with food or water or by directly applying into the mouth. For best results, reapply 10 days from the first treatment. To ensure safety and compatibility, the presence of roundworms must be confirmed by laboratory stool examination.

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