Duraflex 8-Qt Flat Back Bucket


8qt Flat Back Bucket

The Duraflex 8qt Flat Back Bucket is perfect for containing and storing various items with ease. Its compact design allows for easy storage against a wall or fence, while its durable polyethylene resin material ensures impact resistance and protection against warping and stress cracks. Featuring a heavy-duty wire bail with notch for hanging, and stacking ribs to prevent difficulty when stacked.

  • 8 quart bucket
  • Flat back for ease of use against a fence or ease of storage
  • Durable polyethylene resin for impact resistance and warping protection
  • Heavy-duty wire handle for carrying and notch for hanging

Available colors: Black, Green, Berry Blue, Navy, Purple, Pink, Red, Lime Green, Teal, Burgundy, Yellow, Royal Blue, FFA Blue & Gold,

    SKU: 36855 ISBN: 084369007856