Hallway Feeds Distinguished Senior Horse Feed



As a super premium, fully fortified, textured feed, Hallway Feeds Distinguished is ideal for senior horses and those with specialized needs. With soluble fibers and oils, it offers a significant calorie increase and long-lasting energy release for controlled performance. Fortified with Stamm 30, a great equine supplement for protein, vitamins, and minerals. Stamm 30 supplies high levels of bioavailable microminerals, a proprietary blend of equine specific yeasts, a natural source of the antioxidant vitamin E and bioavailable selenium. The increase of soluble fiber comes from a variety of ideal fiber sources including beet pulp, soy hulls, and premium chopped hay. The addition of oil to these unique fiber combinations provides the horse with long-lasting, slow energy release and controlled performance. Distinguished includes elevated levels of antioxidants and rejuvenating properties from an increased dose of vitamin C. 

  • Textured equine feed
  • Built for senior horses or horses with specialized needs
  • High calorie, long lasting energy formula
  • Fortified with Hallway Feeds Stamm 30 for essential trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag
SKU: 1203562 ISBN: 812389010088