Curved Firm Slicker Brush


Make grooming easier with the Safari Curved Firm Slicker Dog Brush! Whether your dog has a thin, medium or thick coat, this brush helps maintain a beautiful coat on dogs of all types. Its coated tips gently and comfortably remove tangles and loose hair. You can effectively brush every inch of your dog thanks to the slicker's curved design that contours to your dog. Grooming is easy thanks to the non-slip handle. Use long, gentle strokes being careful to avoid removing excess undercoat. Breeds with thicker coats need to be groomed more frequently, while short-haired breeds only need weekly grooming. Use this brush in your grooming routine to maintain your dog's beautiful coat!

  • Maintains a healthy, beautiful coat on dogs of all sizes and hair lengths.
  • Curved design contours to dog for improved performance.
  • Coated stainless steel tips ensure gentle but effective grooming.
  • No-slip handle provides a secure grip while brushing.
  • Easily removes tangles and mats from coat.
          SKU: 1192078 ISBN: 076484946202