Creeping Red Fescue Grass Seed


Creeping Red Fescue Grass Seed

Creeping red fescue grass seed is a great seed option for shaded or low moisture areas. It has a deep root system allowing it to more drought tolerant compared to other grasses. It can tolerate moderate shade, making it a good choice for areas with partial to full shade shade. Creeping red fescue is known for its low maintenance requirements, once established. It has good resistance to pests and diseases. Its dense, creeping growth habit helps to prevent soil erosion on slopes and banks. It is often used in mixtures with other grasses for lawns, parks, and sports fields, providing a fine texture and lush appearance. Creeping red fescue is a finer blade and often used with a tall fescue variety for a rich, full lawn.

  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Likes shaded areas and can handle partial to full shade
  • Low maintenance
  • Disease and pest resistant
  • Has a much finer grass blade compared to other lawn grass seeds
  • Often combined with tall fescue for a rich, green, full lawn


The Mill recommends testing soil before applying grass seed or fertilizer. A soil test analyzes available nutrients. Having this information allows us to help you make the best decisions for your lawn, leading to a more beautiful and thicker lawn. The Mill offers soil testing.*

New Lawns: 10 lb per 1000 sq ft

Over-seeding: 5lb per 1000 sq ft

*When seeding or over-seeding, add Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12 to give your lawn an extra boost. Please note: Grass seed and a pre-emergent (like Prodiamine) cannot be spread at the same time.

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