Nutrena Country Feeds All Flock Poultry Feed


Country Feeds All Flock Poultry Feed

Nourish your entire flock with Nutrena Country Feeds All Flock. With 18% protein and essential vitamins and minerals, this multi-species formula is designed to support a variety of different poultry (over 7 weeks of age) ranging from laying hens, roosters, broilers, geese, ducks, turkeys, and game birds. Enhanced with prebiotics and probiotics to optimize digestion, this poultry feed will aid you in creating a strong and healthy flock. Developed in the convenient form of a low-waste pellet, feeding from just one bag has never been easier. 

  • Complete diet for multiple species of poultry 
  • Supports laying hens, meat birds, fowl, and game birds
  • Convenient low-waste pellet 
  • Available in a 50lb. bag