Butter & Sugar Bicolor Sweet Corn Vegetable Seed


Butter & Sugar Bicolor Sweet Corn Vegetable Seed 

Introducing Butter & Sugar bicolor sweet corn vegetable seed - a popular and delicious bicolor variety of sweet corn. With old-fashioned flavor and tender kernels, this crop has excellent seedling vigor and can be planted earlier in the season than many sweet corn varieties. Sow directly into the garden once all danger of frost has passed. For optimal pollination, plant at least four rows in a block formation. The sweet, juicy ears of this corn average 7 inches in length and taste best when consumed the same day that they are harvested. 

  • Matures in 73 days
  • Bicolor sweet corn
  • Ears average 7 inches 
  • Excellent seedling vigor 
  • Seed packets available in various sizes 


150 seeds/oz.; 10 lbs./acre; 70°F-75°F soil temperatures at planting.

~2,334 - 2400  seeds/pound

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