Bodacious (Yellow) Sweet Corn Vegetable Seed


Bodacious (Yellow) Sweet Corn Vegetable Seed 

Bodacious (Yellow) Sweet Corn is an improved, hardy variety that produces exceptionally tender, flavorful, and creamy sweet corn. With 16 full rows on each 8 inch, yellow ear, it has higher sugar levels than many other sweet corn varieties. Resistant against many of the common corn diseases, such as Common Rust, Maize Dwarf Mosaic, and Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Bodacious sweet corn is a reliable crop to grow for delicious fresh eating, canning, or freezing. Plant rows in a block formation once all danger of frost has passed. 

  • Matures in 75 days
  • Yellow sweet corn
  • High sugar levels
  • Disease resistance 
  • Ears reach 8 inches in length 
  • Ideal fresh, canned, or frozen
  • Seed packets available in various sizes 


~3,426 seeds/pound

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