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Unbeetable Feeds Beet Pulp Without Molasses Horse Feed


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Beet Pulp No Molasses

Beet Pulp No Molasses Horse Feed is a fibrous supplement for horses. It is made from beet pulps shreds, the fibrous portions of the sugar beet root remaining after the sugar is extracted that contain up to 20% protein, 10% fiber, and 5% fat and is free of molasses. Beet Pulp No Molasses provides your horses with a highly digestible form of fiber in a consistent way. Beet pulp is fed dry or easily soaked to be fed as a mash by itself or with other feeds.

  • Shredded beet pulp
  • No added molasses
  • Highly fiber source
  • Fed dry or soaked
  • Available in 30 lb. bag

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