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BB2 Deer Supplement & Attractant


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With Big & J's BB2 Nutritional Deer Supplement and Attractant, you can ensure proper herd health, while yielding bigger, stronger bucks during the hunting season. The primary ingredients in BB2 feed include grain products and refined soybean oil, and have been used in the livestock industry for decades, with outstanding results. BB2 also incorporates several vital minerals, like calcium carbonate, that are scientifically proven to stimulate antler and bone production, as well as additional nutrients that assist the doe population during lactation.

Nutritional Information:
• Crude protein - 18% min
• Crude fat - 8% min
• Crude fiber - 7% max
• Calcium - 0.8% min 1.3% max
• Phosphorus - 0.7% min
• Salt - 0.25% min 0.5 max
• Sodium - 0.5% max
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  • Nutritional supplement and attractant for deer
  • Yields bigger, stronger bucks for hunting season
  • Includes proven ingredients and vital minerals

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