Argent (White) Sweet Corn Vegetable Seed


Argent (White) Sweet Corn Vegetable Seed

Introducing Argent (white) sweet corn- a creamy, white hybrid with impressive traits. Its cool-weather adaptability and resistance to Stewart's wilt and northern corn leaf blight make it a dependable choice for farmers and gardeners alike. Plus, its sugary enhanced (se) genes ensure lasting sweetness and flavor, making it a great variety for farm stands. With the ability to germinate in cooler soil temperatures than most sweet corn varieties, Argent is a reliable choice for your farm or garden.

  • Matures in 86 days
  • White sweet corn
  • Retains flavor after harvest
  • Seeds can tolerate cooler soil temps than most corn varieties
  • Disease resistance 
  • Seed packs available in various sizes 


~2,389 seeds/pound

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