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McCauley's Alam Horse Feed


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Alam Horse Feed

Alam equine feed provides a nutritionally-balanced diet for horses with challenging conditions. Its reduced levels of sugars and starches make it ideal for horses intolerant to typical grains. This pelleted feed contains flaxseed and no molasses, helping to maintain optimal body condition without the dangers of common grains. McCauley's is an ideal solution for horses prone to founder (laminitis), have respiratory problems such as heaves or COPD, horses with difficulty chewing, HYPP positive horses, abnormal gut function, and when a higher energy diet is needed. 

  • Equine horse feed for nutritionally challenged horses
  • Reduced levels of sugars and starches (NSC)
  • Built to maintain optimal body condition
  • Contains flaxseed as the only grain and no molasses
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag

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