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25-0-5 with Trimec Weed and Feed Broadleaf Weed Killer


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Feed the grass and kill the weeds with this granular Weed and Feed Fertilizer. The Trimec in the fertilizer kills any broadleaf weeds on contact while not harming any of the grass. It provides postemergent control of many broadleaf weeds in established turf and has demonstrated its economy and reliability for many seasons. For best results, apply the morning after a rain or the morning of a heavy dew. The more the fertilizer sticks to the plant, the better the weed control will work.

This Weed n Feed fertilizer is 25% nitrogen, 0% phosphorous, and 5% potassium so it feeds the grass and kills the weeds all at once! It has a coverage of 15,000 square feet.

Read the label for application recommendations, uses, and warnings.


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