Berry Blast

Hearty Blend

Hi-Energy Blend

Orange Burst

Peanut Crunch

Woodpecker Blend

The Mill is pleased to introduce 6 lines of our own milled quality bird seed. The blend in each bag has been thoughtfully developed to provide the best nutrition for our native birds as well as migrating species. The birds pictured on the bags are ones that prefer what is blended in the bag. Our birds are in need of help due to habitat and food source disruption. These blends will provide them with needed nutrition to help them remain healthy and support populations.

The right food plot management plays an important role in creating the ideal year-round habitat for deer and other wildlife.
A stable, quality year-round food plot requires planning and proper soil pH. In order to get the best plot-crop production, lime and fertilizer applications should be based on soil test results. Calcium applications are most frequently needed, and in remote areas, bulky, dusty bags of pelletized lime can be challenging to load, transport, and spread.
For your customers with food plots, recommend Solu-Cal PLUS for their spring, summer, and fall lime applications. Just one 50lb bag can cover up to 10,000 square feet and does the work of four 50lb bags of traditional lime. Plus, it works in the season in which it's applied, getting pH right quickly and food plots ready for the fall season.