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If you enjoy feeding wild birds and other wildlife, The Mill has everything you need. We offer quality products that wildlife love and will continue to return for more.

We have a variety of merchandise to feed and house wild birds, and to feed deer, squirrels, and other critters. Stop in to check out or products, or shop online.

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Bird of the Month: Hermit Thrush

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A member of the Thrush family, the Hermit Thrush is seen in our region throughout the winter months and spends its time foraging through the understory. It is similar in coloring and pattern to the Wood Thrush, with brown feathers on its backs and wings, and a spotty chest. However, the Hermit Thrush is smaller, and usually drabber in color than the Wood Thrush and they are generally not in our areas at the same time; the Wood Thrush migrates south in the winter. Hermit Thrushes are typically not seen in backyards, as they prefer heavily wooden spaces with lots of leafy debris to hunt for insects and are not usually attracted to bird feeders. However, they may visit bird baths that are kept clean and thawed during the winter. Hermit Thrushes migrate north to upper New England and Canada during the spring and summer for breeding.

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