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We offer three sizes of coals – rice, nut and stove. Each are available in bag or bulk and can be delivered. Our Whiteford location houses all bulk material. Visit our BULK page to learn more. Please note our other five locations are stocked with bagged coal only.


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Heat Pellets

  • Heating pellets are bagged
  • Discounts are available for large orders
  • Have them delivered to your home
  • Accessories can also be delivered

Please call one of our stores for details.

Ice Melt

All Ice Melt products are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Mill delivers bagged Ice-Melt.

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Tips for using De-Icers


With multiple ice melting options, how do you decide what’s best for you? Do you apply it before the storm? Or after? How much do you apply during the storm? If you or your customer is a new user, read below on the different application methods and guides on how to properly lay down the salt when the storm hits.  

Don’t Over applyLay the salt down in layers and be gentle with your application. A little goes a long way! Lay down a thin layer before a storm, and then another thin layer during the storm (if possible). This will allow the salt to work at its fullest capacity and will prevent over-application. Once the storm is done, clean up and apply another thin layer to prevent freezing of snow and ice.  

 Be Cautious of the Temperature – If the temperature is 5°F (-15°C) or warmer Rock Salt or a mild blend will do the trick as salt lowers the freezing point to this temperature. However, if the temperature is lower, a calcium, potassium or magnesium blend is suggested as it works faster and carries a longer residual effect. This also eliminates over-application as you won’t need as much salt if you’re using the appropriate blend.  

 Clean Up the Salt– If there’s salt left over on the ground, don’t leave it for the next storm. Shovel all the pieces into a container and reapply it when the next storm comes or trash it.  

Concrete – The standard industry recommendation is to give one year for concrete to cure before applying any form of de-icers. The industry typically suggests using sand for the first year. In cases like these, the ultimate goal is to prevent slips and falls effectively. When it comes down to using ice melters, it is suggested to use higher end products enhanced with extenders to avoid the freeze-thaw cycle. Usually scaling back the application to the lowest rate is recommended, at the discretion of the customer.  

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Along with our pellets and coal, we carry other items including propane, Fatwood starters, Fire Starter Fluid and more. Visit one of our stores or give us a call if you have questions!