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Feed your animals and crops with a store made just for you.

The Mill of Hampstead was originally known as Southern States Hampstead Coop until it was purchased by Henry and Brenda Holloway and Ben Hushon and reopened as a Mill store on November 1, 2010. The Mill of Hampstead has long been known as a crop center, supplying seed and fertilizer for all your corn, soybean, small grain, and hay needs. But now, The Mill now offers an expanded line of feed and supplies for a wide array of animals from household pets, horses, chickens, livestock, wild birds, and wildlife.

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Easter Bunny, goat and dog.
Duckling in flowers.
Deer supplies displayed on shelf.
Woman holding a painting from one of the store's classes.

The Mill of Hampstead


607 Hanover Pike,
Hampstead, MD 21074


M-F 8am-6pm

Sat 8am-5pm


Customer Reviews

I come here to buy my wood pellets. They are always nice and courteous. They always have pellets, even at the end of the year, and I appreciate the service! - Mark Fellows

Great selection of different bird seed and many other home/farm supplies - Troy Hummon

Super friendly, quick, and attentive service. For being the first time I was there, I'm now a customer for life. - Phillip Rock
You won't find a store like this in the city. It serves the agricultural businesses and local residents of southern Carroll and northern Baltimore County. You will share the parking lot with huge tractors and cultivators. Although the entire opperation's area is massive, the store itself is a modest affair. It is filled with smaller items needed by their customers such as chicken waterers, halters for horse, over-the-counter veterinary medicine. In the spring, peeps and ducklings arrive with each week bringing different breeds most of which are layers. You can get chicks that will eventually lay white, brown, tan, green or blue eggs. But it's the people who work here that make this such a valued part of the community. When buying feed, I can just ask for the same as I got last time and they will look up my account and I'll get just what I need. I can get feed specially formulated for layers or meat producing birds, in either crumble or pellets with or without medication and they will load it into my car or truck with me even asking for help. But, I am not the sort of customers who keeps them in business. They sell seed by the ton for the farmers who grow hay, corn, soybeans and other crops, and feed for horses and other large animals. Still, I am always greeted with a smile. - Beau Considine