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Vegetable & Flower Seeds

The Mill as your supplier for high quality vegetable seed. We know the importance of starting with the right tools to have the best gardening experience. All of our seeds are carefully selected for the highest quality and performance, and are then packaged with pride at our Red Lion location.

We have selected varieties that cross over nicely to meet the needs of both the home gardener and the commercial grower. However, if there is a variety you are looking for that is not in our catalog, please do not hesitate to ask, as we have access to many varieties from multiple suppliers. We encourage you to stop by any one of our 7 locations to view the many varieties of seed we have available, as well as all of the additional supplies you need to go from seed to table.


We offer a variety of plants seasonally throughout the year including perennials, annuals, fruit and vegetable plants, and house plants. If you need help selecting the right plants for your garden, ask one of our knowledgeable staff. Stop in and check out our plant selection.

Pink English Daisies


colorful pansies


Ripe tomatoes

Fruit & Vegetable

Red Tulips


A red blooming rose

Shrubs & Trees

 succulent planter

House Plants

Garden Supplies

The Mill offers a selection of soils, fertilizers, soil amendments, pest control, and tools to start and keep your garden beautiful, healthy, and productive.

Hands planting a pot


a bag of Solu-Cal lime with garden plants


Garden tools and gloves


Garden Decor & Gifts

Looking to make your garden pop, we have garden flags, bird baths, benches, pottery, and more! Stop in the your local Mill store to see the variety of garden decor.

garden bench
Home Sweet Home flag
teal colored plastic plant pot
hanging basket of flowers

Special Occasion Seed Packs

Celebrate special occasions with a gift of beauty, we offer custom seed packs as favors and memorials for loved ones. Please contact Beth at 717-244-4511 for more information.

Talk to an Expert

Join Cindy King, CPH as she discusses when to plant your bulbs, what varieties The Mill offers, and how to protect your bulbs from squirrels.

Beth Innerst

Based out of The Mill of Red Lion, Beth has decades of experience in working with gardens. She oversees all of The Mill's seed packaging. If you have a question, call 717-244-4511.

Cindy King

Based out of The Mill of Kingstown, Cindy is a CPH (Certified Professional Horticulturalist. If you have any questions for Cindy, call 410-778-1551.

Zone Map, Planting Chart & Cubic Yard Calculator

2023 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Northeastern US

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A variety of fresh vegetables

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