Fencing & Gates

The Mill offers various pet, livestock, equine, and decorative fencing and gates to suit all of your needs. We also have a post driver available for rent at our Black Horse location.

Pet Fencing

We offer a variety of options for pet fencing, including board, split rail, chain link, snow, invisible, and welded or coated wire fencing. The 3 important factors to consider when choosing pet fencing are aesthetic, budget, and type of pet. Talk to one of our experts for help with deciding what is right for you and your pet!

Equine & Livestock Fencing

Board, high-tensile wire (electric), poly-tape and wire, and no-climb mesh fencing are common types used for horses & livestock. Livestock can also be fenced in using barbed wire, although this is not recommended for horses due to injury risk. In additional to the different fencing options, we have a variety of gates of different lengths, materials, and structures, including 6-bar pipe gates and mesh gates.
Our posts are manufactured from Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), which is a superior quality post. SYP posts drive into the ground well, with very little breaking or splitting. They absorb the preservative well in the pressure-treating process so are better protected, and for a longer period of time than the competitors' posts. Others sell posts that are Canadian Red Pine, which have a much higher breaking/splitting rate than SYP when being driven into the ground. Additionally, they will not absorb the preservative nearly as well into and throughout the post when compared to the SYP. Because of these two features, our SYP posts are of superior quality and greater longevity under normal circumstances than are Canadian Red Pine.  
It is important to plan for all of the animals you may need the fencing for to ensure you select the proper type the first time. Additionally, regardless of the type of fencing you decide to use, it is important that your fencing is durable, highly visible, and safe. We have a number of staff members knowledgable in providing fencing for various livestock and horses that are happy to answer any questions you may have!


Decorative Fencing & Gates

We have all the materials you need to make a decorative fence around your house, driveway, or yard! Our split rail is all rough cut and pressure treated, ensuring the look you want and longevity you need. We have two and three hole line, end, and corner posts, as well as 11' rails.

Post Driver Rental

You can rent for the day or for the weekend.

Please contact The Mill of Black Horse: 410-692-2200 for availability and pricing.

13 HP Motor

Hitch Pin Mount
Drive Guard Rail Post
Head Keyways
Huggar Arm with Rollers

Max Post Length 14'

Gross Weight. 3300 lbs
Hammer Weight. 750 lbs
Size 126" L, 90" w, 119" h