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At The Mill, we partner with growers to understand the full potential of their fields. We have made it our mission to load our toolbox with technologies that provide a proven agronomic & economic advantage. Let us dig through the vast precision ag space and provide you with actionable solutions & support on every acre.

Precision Soil Sampling – Based on management zones created by evaluating and overlaying multiple sources of information. Identify and treat areas of your fields based on productivity allowing for a more informed fertility decision.

Dualem Soil Sensor – Measuring both the Electrical Conductivity & Magnetic Susceptibility of the soil to help you manage variability.

Fusing the soil and topography data helps to better define the in-between zones, creating precision application maps for your fields.

Variable Rate Fertilizer – Management zones created by various sources of information, drive precision application to reallocate nutrients to higher performing zones helping to maximize ROI potential over traditional uniform applications.

Satellite Imagery – NDVI imagery detects plant vigor & health, allowing for more targeted scouting efforts. Our ability to compare previous & new images alerts your agronomist to field trends (up/down) resulting in a more focused approach on your farm.

Nitrogen Models – In season nitrogen recommendation assistance by integrating 13 weather, soil & crop models. Daily reports run at whole field or sub-field levels helping determine the economic & agronomic impact of various nitrogen management decisions.

Truterra Insights Engine – Field by field insights tracking both economic and conservation performance ensuring long-term productivity and success for our growers. Delivering our growers the latest suite of technologies, practices and products ensures we lay the foundation for optimizing nutrient use efficiency that leads to improved yields and a reduced environmental impact.


Data Collection & Analysis – Our goal is to help farmers make the best decision based on their data – hybrid comparison, fertilizer source and rates, or crop protection products. We have the capability to dive deeper than what you can just visually see on a paper map to develop a field-by-field strategy for next season aiming to optimize ROI potential.

Decision Ag Solutions Co-Lead Tim Hushon visited Grower Mike Kurek to discuss ways to optimize yields with new technology.

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