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Decision Ag Solutions

At The Mill, we partner with growers to understand the full potential of their fields. We have made it our mission to load our toolbox with technologies that provide a proven agronomic & economic advantage. Let us dig through the vast precision ag space and provide you with actionable solutions & support on every acre.

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Data Collection & Analysis

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Our goal is to help farmers make the best decision based on their data – hybrid comparison, fertilizer source and rates, productivity zones and much more. We have the capability to develop sub-acre field-by-field strategies for your crop, aiming to optimize ROI potential.
Many producers have years of actionable data at their finger tips, but it is not being used to improve productivity and ROI. Decision Ag Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to harness your data and put it to work for you.

Variable Rate Fertilizer & Lime

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Decision Ag Solutions creates in field management zones using various sources of information, driving precision application to reallocate nutrients to higher performing zones which maximizes ROI potential over traditional uniform applications. Understanding the zones of opportunities and challenges allows for more precise decisions on fertility rate adjustments within each field.

Variable Rate Seeding

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Decision Ag Solutions writes prescription seeding maps allowing producers to harness their fields' productivity on an acre by acre scale, putting the seed where it maximizes profitability.

Nitrogen Modeling

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Apply in-season corn nitrogen based on actual crop needs. The Adapt-N nitrogen model is a university proven, nitrogen recommendation tool driven by land management, soil reports, crop inputs, and near real-time weather data.

Precision Soil Sampling & Soil Mapping

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Soil variability changes drastically from one point in a field to another, so why sample an entire field to make one recommendation? Decision Ag Solutions develops sampling zones based on productivity, soil electrical conductivity, and field topography.

Truterra Sustainability Tool

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Field-by-field insights tracking both economic and conservation performance provides long-term productivity and success for our growers. Delivering our growers the latest suite of technologies, practices and products ensures we lay the foundation for optimizing nutrient use efficiency that leads to improved yields and a reduced environmental impact.

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The Mill offers various educational opportunities for our customers both in-person and online. We have experts on hand to help you with questions. Visit The Mill's YouTube channel for Ben's crop report on RFD TV and other informative videos. Connect with us on Facebook.
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