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White-Throated Sparrow - January 2023 Bird of the Month

White-Throated Sparrow perched in a tree

White-throated sparrows overwinter in our area, showing up around mid-to-late October, and leaving in late April or early May. These sparrows are fairly distinct from other sparrows, as both sexes have a yellow patch above their eyes and a white patch under their bills, hence the name White-Throated. Aside from these characteristics, this sparrow follows the typical sparrow color pattern having a brown striped body.

These birds prefer spending their time foraging on the ground and looking for seeds and fruit among understory trees and shrubs and are often seen moving around in small flocks. 

They are feeder visitors but prefer eating the seeds that other birds toss on the ground. On snowy days, putting a little birdseed on the ground under your feeder will help encourage them to visit!   

White-Throated Sparrow

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