May Bird of the Month: Baltimore Oriole

May Bird of the Month: Baltimore Oriole

As the state bird of Maryland and mascot of Baltimore’s baseball team, the Baltimore Oriole is quite familiar among Marylanders, however, they are not seen as often as one might think.


Baltimore Orioles are rather particular about where they live, preferring open deciduous forests with tall, shade trees, including those supporting their preferred food sources, such as insects, fruits, and nectar. Orioles are members of the blackbird family, with a medium sized body, longer legs, and long beaks.

Oriole on a feeder

Mature male Orioles have bright orange bodies, black heads, and black and white wings. Females and immature males are yellow to light orange on their bodies, with grey and white feathers on their wings and backs. Orioles prefer spending time in the tops of tall trees, singing or foraging. Their woven nest are often up high and on the very end of branches to help deter predators.  


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