January Breed of the Month: Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper going up a tree.

Brown Creepers are tiny tree climbing birds that are one of the most well camouflaged birds in our area, particularly in the winter. They have streaky brown and buff feathers on their wings, heads, back and tails, with bright white underparts.

Brown Creeper Up Close

They have longer beaks with a slight downward curve to them. These birds are typically found climbing up trees from their base to their tops, and almost always face upwards, making them distinct from our local Nuthatches in that regard.

Brown Creeper eating a seed

As Brown Creepers make their trek, or creep up the tree they hunt for insects and spiders amongst the bark. They can be spotted in our area most easily in the winter when all the leaves have fallen. Brown Creepers have traditionally been used as a gauge for the impact of logging, as they prefer old growth forests rather than younger trees, and their annual populations are assumed to reflect the availability of their preferred habitat.

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