January Breed of the Month: Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular breeds in North America for years. They are excellent family dogs, with friendly and easy-going personalities, and are quite trainable, thanks in part to being extremely food motivated and having a strong desire to please their owners.

Chocolate Lab running in field.

However, they definitely need training because they are very strong and have a lot of energy. This means they can be quite destructive if not given the proper training. As adults, Labradors weigh 55-80lbs with a maximum height of 24” at their shoulder, and they come in 3 recognized colors: yellow, black, and chocolate. There have been some color variants introduced in recent years, but these are not yet recognized by AKC.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Labs have moderate length double coats which help them stay warm and water resistant in the cold months, but it does require weekly grooming, particularly during coat transitions. This also makes them excellent water and hunting dogs!

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