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Sure Champ Spark


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Sure Champ Spark is a pelleted, concentrated daily supplement with the Amaferm® advantage that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to drive appetite to higher levels and improve digestive health. The multi-species formula contains no vitamin or mineral supplementation for increased flexibility in a wide range of feeding programs. The feeding rate and inclusion level compared to Sure Champ make it an optimal choice for pigs, sheep and goats.

Size: 25 LB bucket

Benefits and Features

  • A one appetite product for all species in the barn
  • One pellet that fits into every ration due to a low inclusion rate
  • Encourages an aggressive appetite and intake
  • Has the Amaferm Advantage, a natural prebiotic that helps stimulate appetite and maintain digestive health. Amaferm promotes water and feed intake, increases feed digestibility and maximum nutrient absorption
  • Includes MOS to trap harmful bacteria, limiting their ability to do harm to digestive health  and adversely affect intake
  • Contains added biotin and zinc to promote healthy skin, hair and hooves

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