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Vita Charge Climate Control Gel


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Whether your set-up at home is a simple set of fans, a mister system or a cooler room, it doesn’t take long for livestock to feel the impact of heat stress when they are removed from the comforts of a temperature-controlled environment. Sure Champ® Climate Control Paste helps all show livestock handle heat stress by lowering the animal’s body temperature in a safe, fast and natural way.

Size: 80 ML tube

Benefits and Features

  • Faster acclimation to temperature changes from climate controlled barns to heat on the road
  • Faster recovery during heat stress
  • Contains Capsaicin, a natural form of chili powder. Capsaicin increases blood flow and circulation in a safe and natural way
  • Has the Amaferm advantage. Amaferm is a natural prebiotic that has been research proven to lower body temperature in animals dealing with heat stress while also promoting and increasing water intake by up to 9.5%
  • Easily administered

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