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Songbird Essentials - 16oz Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Cleaner


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16 oz Non-Toxic All Natural Enzymes Birdfeeder and Bird House Cleaner Ensures a healthy bird and brood habitat.  Cleans away parasites, bird droppings, and organic contamination.  Effective on all birdhouses and feeders.  Non-Toxic all natural Enzymes.  Birdhouses are a major breeding ground for deadly parasites.  Fleas, mites, and spiders attack baby birds, robbing their bodies of vital nutrients and in some cases killing the very young.  Adult birds are also held captive to these deadly parasites.  Birdhouse and Feeder Cleaner was developed to clear birdhouses and bird feeders of all parasites, ultimately providing a clean and natural habitat for birds and their young..

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