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Snake Repellent

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I Must Garden All Natural Snake Repellent repels snakes from your yard by interfering with the snake’s senses. Snakes gather information about their surroundings by collecting particles on their tongues and then passing their tongues over a sensory organ inside of their mouth (called the Jacobson’s Organ). The ingredients in this repellent disrupt this organ causing discomfort and confusion. The snake then avoids that area because it is highly unpleasant to them.

All Natural Snake Repellent doesn’t contain harmful chemicals so you can use it around your pets and family without the worry of pesticides or Naphthalene, which is found in many other snake repellents. (Did you know that Naphthalene, found in moth balls, is classified as a possible carcinogen?)

The all-natural ingredients will not harm plants or turf and it is safe for the environment. It is an effective and long lasting treatment for all landscaped areas, and as an added bonus, it does not have an unpleasant scent to keep you from enjoying your own garden.

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