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Silo Guard II Dry Granular 50 LB

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Silo Guard II Dry Granular is an enzymatic additive for hay and silage.


Silo Guard is not an inoculant or acid. Silo Guard uses a patented combination of sulfur compounds and enzymes to promote the healthy fermentation of silage. Silo Guard makes baled hay greener and more nutritious, while allowing hay to be baled up to 25% moisture.

Silo Guard is the most effective forage additive on the market today with over 20 years of University and Government research.


  •    Oxygen is eliminated
  •    Fermentation starts sooner
  •    Prevents mold and yeast growth
  •    Quality nutrients are retained
  •    Get a 7 to 1 return on investment

Why Fight the Forage Battle!!

Let Mother Nature solve the problem with the help of SiloGuard II.

Producing good hay is a challenge when the weather does not co-operate. Silo Guard II is a forage additive that contains a patented combination of sulfur compounds and amylase that may help remove oxygen in the forage mass as well as help reduce the amount of yeast and mold. It is available as a dry granular product or a ready to use liquid.


Forage Additive for Alfalfa & Corn Silages, and Baled Hay

What Does SiloGuard II Achieve:

  • Increases average daily gain and feed efficiency in beef heifers fed corn silage ensiled at 65 to 75% moisture.
  • Improves the conservation of Dry Matter in Alfalfa Silage at 60 to 75% moisture.
  • Improves the conservation of Dry Matter in Hay at 20 to 25% moisture.

How Does Silo Guard II® Work?
The ingredients included in Silo Guard II® each have a role to play. The amylase enzymes convert the available starch in the ensiled materials to sugars. The sulfur compounds also play an important role by producing gases within the mass of silage. These gases limit plant cell respiration and reduce the number of undesirable bacteria, yeasts and molds. This process saves the available sugars for the lactic acid producing bacteria when they begin to multiply.

Use Good Silo Management

Good silage management is within the control of the silage producer. No product can replace the procedures the producer must follow to make good silage. In the process of ensiling, air is the mortal enemy. The oxygen in the air is mixed into the forage as it is chopped and will cause complete biological burning.

Three factors in reducing trapped air:
1st – Crops harvested should contain 60 to 70 percent moisture to ensure a good pack.
2nd – A chop of 3/8” to 1/2” tends to pack tighter and avoid air space.
3rd – Silos need to be filled rapidly.

Use Silo Guard II® as a management tool to improve fermentation.

During the conversion of moist forage into silage in the silo, valuable nutrients are lost during any fermentation, even with good silage management. The goal is to preserve as much of these nutrients as possible. To accomplish this, the time of the fermentation process must be decreased. The use of a proven additive can help achieve these goals.
Why Use Silo Guard II®?
Treating forage with Silo Guard II® significantly reduces heating due to the presence of unwanted air in the forage. This heating is caused by molds, yeasts and undesirable bacteria which thrive in the presence of air. The damage caused by these organisms can result in losses during the fermentation stage and at feedout.

With Silo Guard II® treated forage, the following results can be observed: less shrink and cooler forage. University research proves that forage treated with Silo Guard II® contains more valuable nutrients. In beef feeding trials and milk trials, the Silo Guard II® treated forage, when compared to untreated forage, has been shown to improve feed efficiency, weight gain, and daily milk yield. These results have been observed with the treatment of various silages and baled hay.

The product is easy to use — same formula every time, no messy liquid mixture, or special handling. Manual or mechanical application available.
When to Use Silo Guard II®?
Use on both silage and hay. Silo Guard II® has been tested at universities on various silages and on hay up to 25 percent. Results show a significant improvement in dry matter recovery and dry matter intake.

  • All types of ensiled forages: grass/alfalfa silage, corn silage, oatlage, wheat silage.
  • High moisture ground grains.
  • High moisture hay (up to 25%): alfalfa/grass hay, bermuda hay.
  • Processed feed.

Nutrient Analysis

Sulfur (S), min …………………………21.00%
Alpha-amylase activity……………….400 SKB units/lb
(Source: Malt diastase)

Application Directions

Silo Guard II® must be applied before the silage or grains are transferred into the silo.

Application Rate Guidelines:

Silage/Haylage: Apply 1/2 to 1 pound per ton of silage before it is transferred into the silo. The moisture content of the silage should be between 60 to 70 percent.

High Moisture Ground Grains:
 Apply 1 pound per ton of ground grain before it is transferred into the silo. The moisture content of the grain should be between 25 and 30 percent.

Baled Hay:
 Apply 1 to 2 pounds per ton of baled hay. Should be applied as hay is baled by use of an applicator. The moisture content of the hay should be less than 25 percent.