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Roundup For Lawns Ready-to-Use

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Roundup® For Lawns1 is a formula that kills weeds, not the lawn! It controls over 250 common lawn weeds, roots and all, and is especially effective on hard-to-kill weeds such as crabgrass, dandelion, clover and yellow nutsedge. The ready-to-use formula with our extended wand makes it easier than ever to spot-treat lawn weeds, without bending over! This fast acting formula starts killing on contact and kills weeds down to the root so they don’t come back. In addition, its rainproof in as little as 3 hours! Roundup® For Lawns1 is a simple step towards a beautiful, weed free lawn. -For use on Northern grasses

  • Kills weeds, not the lawn
  • Kills crabgrass, dandelion, clover and yellow nutsedge
  • Kills 253 types of weeds
  • Kills the root. Guaranteed*
  • Starts working immediately” “


  • Remove
    • Remove wand from side clip
    • Pull connector by slightly twisting form hold and unwrap hose completely
    • Remove protective strip from battery compartment to activate batteries
  • Connect
    • Insert plug at end of hose onto knob opening on cap until it clicks. Twist knob to ON.
  • Extend
    • Flip open wand until it clicks and locks into position.
    • Extend wand fully.
  • Spray
    • Slide trigger lock on wand handle to the unlocked position.
    • Twist nozzle to desired spray pattern.
    • Point nozzle away from body and hold trigger for continuous spray.


  • Apply this product to actively-growing weeds during the early growth stages for the best results. Two or more applications at 14 day intervals throughout the season may be required for grass weeds. Apply when daytime temperatures are between 45 degrees and 90 degrees F.
    • Crabgrass (large and smooth): Apply this product from crabgrass emergence until the 6 leaf stage (2 tillers) or when the crabgrass is 3 to 4 inches tall. This period begins the first time that you can see crabgrass in your lawn. Use two applications with a 14-day interval between applications.
    • Foxtail (green, giant and yellow): Apply this product to foxtail during the early growth stages or when the foxtail is 1 to 4 inches tall. Use two applications with a 14-day interval between applications.
    • Yellow nutsedge: Two applications are required when the yellow nutsedge plants are 3 to 6 inches tall. Do not apply the second application until 14 days after the first application.
    • Dandelion, plantain, buttercup, speedwell, knotweed, pennywort (dollarweed) and other broadleaf weeds: Apply when broadleaf weeds are young and actively growing with adequate soil moisture.
  • FALL:
    • Henbit, chickweed, lawn burweed, pearlwort, Carolina geranium and other broadleaf weeds: Apply when broadleaf weeds are young and actively growing with adequate soil moisture for best results.


  • Roundup® for Lawns1 is a ready-to-use product intended for spot treatment of individual broadleaf and grass weeds by homeowners on residential lawns. This product may be applied to lawns containing the following species of grass: Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fescue species (including tall, red and fine leaf varieties), bermudagrass, buffalograss and zoysiagrass. (Application to bermudagrass may cause temporary yellowing or discoloration but full recovery can be expected. Do not apply to bermudagrass when daytime temperatures exceed 85 degrees F.)


  • Roundup® For Lawns1 should not be used on lawns containing bentgrass, St. Augustinegrass, bahiagrass, centipedegrass or carpetgrass. Do not use on dichondra or lawns with desirable clovers or legumes, on vegetable gardens, fruits or ornamentals (flowers, trees, groundcovers, hedges, landscape/flower beds and shrubs).


  • Up to 1330 sq. ft.


  • People and pets may enter treated area after spray has dried

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