Right Now® Gold Cattle Mineral


Unique formula for when fast-growing grass or green forage is lacking in magnesium, or during periods of time for risk of grass tetany.

Magnesium deficiency-and the grass tetany that can result-are dangers for lactating cows grazing lush pasture, cattle on wheat, oat, or ryegrass pasture, or any herds exposed to forage heavily fertilized with nitrogen. The Gold formula contains magnesium and calcium to help combat grass tetany and updated trace minerals to support healthy reproduction and breeding rates.


Cut losses with Superior All-Weather® Technology

With weatherized mineral, you can better manage intake and cut losses

Cargill’s innovative Superior All-Weather® Technology in our mineral formulas keeps mineral from clumping due to rain and humidity and prevents wind from blowing the mineral out of the feeder.

Cattle cannot get the full benefit of minerals when moisture from rain and humidity causes those minerals to clump or wind blows them out of the feeder. Cargill’s innovative Superior All-Weather® Technology in mineral formulas like Right Now® Mineral helps make sure that more of the mineral is available to beef cattle.

With weatherized mineral, costs from mineral loss and decreased productivity are reduced and intake is measured and managed more accurately. You can be sure that the mineral fed to your cattle actually does its job.

Reduces costs

Compared to non-weatherized mineral products, using a Right Now® Mineral product formulated with Superior All-Weather® Technology is worth $120 to $180 per ton of mineral product fed due to direct costs from mineral loss. Superior All-Weather® Technology also can help reduce indirect costs from losses in cattle productivity due to insufficient mineral consumption.

Better manage mineral intake

Most often, mineral intake is measured and managed through determining the amount of mineral that remains in the feeder, and lost mineral is often mistaken for intake. By using one of the Right Now® Mineral products containing Superior All-Weather® Technology, more mineral remains in the feeder and available to your cattle. This gives you a more accurate residual measurement for improved intake management. You can be sure that the mineral you feed actually goes into your cattle.

50 Pound Bag


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