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Revenge Smoke Bomb

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Giant Destroyer is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of rodent pests. When rodents are hard to reach it makes the control process more of a hassle of homeowners, especially when they burrow deep underground. Your solution is right here, simply smoke them out using Giant Destroyer Smoke Bombs.


Reason Why You Should Invest In Giant Destroyer
    • Release of sulfur gas to kill or force out hidden rodent pests
    • Smoke enables deep penetration of burrows and tunnels (including other hard to reach areas)
    • Each purchase comes with 4 gas sticks
    • Perfect for moles, gophers, woodchucks, rats, squirrels, skunks and more.
    • Giant Destroyer Gas Sticks & Gas Bombs

Giant Destroyers serve as gas sticks or smoke bombs that release sulfur gas which penetrates through burrows and tunnels “smoking out” rodents during the process. In most cases, when fresh air is not accessible, the targeted rodent(s) will eventually die. If another entrance/exit is accessible, rodents will run away from the applied area. When targeting larger rodents, it is recommended to use more than one gas stick. Simply light the fuse and place the Destroyer lit end down in the entrance. Then immediately cover the applied hole with soil, leaves and branches to keep the smoke from discharging outside of the targeted location. Once ignited, the gas stick will burn vigorously until complete depletion. After the gas stick is used up, you can deem the targeted rodents as no longer being a threat. Many professionals rely on Giant Destroyers to control the rodents that normally burrow and nest underground. It is one of the best methods for underground rodent control. Manage your hidden rodent pests today with Giant Destroyer gas sticks.

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