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RE-LEVE® Sport is a completely fortified grain-free performance feed designed specifically for sport horses. This textured feed contains balanced omega fat sources and fiber-based carbohydrates for optimal performance.

Grain-free RE-LEVE Sport includes a unique blend of balanced energy sources to promote focus and consistent performance, including high-fiber energy sources such as beet pulp and soy hulls, stabilized rice bran, and a proprietary blend of oils. RE-LEVE Sport utilizes technology used to create RE-LEVE Original, but includes slightly more starch needed for physiologically normal sport horses.

Fortified with KER vitamin and mineral technology to support optimal performance, RE-LEVE Sport includes superior nutrient sources such as proteinated trace minerals, organic selenium, and highly bioavailable natural-source vitamin E for superior antioxidant protection

Feeding Directions

Feed 0.5-1.5 lb per 100 lb of bodyweight per day depending on the intensity of the work, and size and body condition of the horse. When fed as directed, in combination with appropriate amounts of good-quality forage, the diet will meet or exceed the horse’s KER-recommended daily nutrient intake.


Nutrient Analysis

Digestible Energy (DE) 1.40 Mcal/lb
Protein 12.5%
Fat 10%
Nonstructural Carbohydrates (NSC) 18%
Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) 30%


44lb Bag

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