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Race Recovery

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Race Recovery

Race Recovery is a system designed to strategically replenish electrolytes at critical times following exercise.

In a series of studies conducted by Kentucky Equine Research scientists measured the effect of furosemide on urine and fecal excretion of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride in unexercised and exercised mature Thoroughbred geldings.

Furosemide causes a substantial loss of minerals, including a 40- to 50-fold increase in 4-hour urinary sodium and chloride loss and a sustained calcium loss over several days. With Race Recovery, mineral losses are entirely reversible. Race Recovery stimulates thirst and replaces body weight quickly. Race Recovery Powder is suitable for use as a daily electrolyte supplement. 

Break away from the pack with targeted electrolyte supplementation.

  • Provides horses exercised on furosemide with targeted electrolyte supplementation
  • Includes highly digestible forms of calcium and magnesium, two key minerals
  • Palatable paste and powder formulas ensure consumption


Feeding recommendations

Administer one tube (60 g) of Race Recovery Paste one to two hours after racing, or as soon as the horse returns to its stall, and a second tube later that night or the morning following the race. Beginning the day after the race, feed one scoop (60 g) of Race Recovery Powder twice a day mixed thoroughly in feed as the horse’s daily electrolyte supplement.

Available sizes

  • Single paste (60 g)
  • 18 kg powder (300 servings)

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