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Mill Performance


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A high energy, highly palatable feed specifically designed for horses in work.

  • Protein: 13
  • Fat: 8
  • Fiber: 10

An ideal feed for horses under heavy work, Mill Performance contains beet pulp to reduce digestive upset and yeast culture to improve digestibility. It is made with top quality, palatable ingredients and organic minerals for greater absorption. Mill 12 has steam processed grains for more efficient energy metabolism.

All Mill-branded feeds are made in Ionophore – free mills. Mill feed formulas are “fixed,” meaning the ingredient amounts stay the same regardless of market price. They also contain yeast to help with digestion and are designed to be highly palatable.

Additional Information:

Feeding Instructions: Feed 6-18 pounds per day depending on the intensity of work, size, and body condition of the horse.  Always provide a clean, fresh source of water as well as high quality hay.  Detailed feeding suggestions are available upon request.

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