Montys Vintage Premium Soil Conditioner


Used by farmers across the country to improve their soil health! They know a healthier soil means better growth. Try it on your lawn, garden, and landscape beds for better soils. See the difference yourself!

Increases nutrient availability
Increases moisture retention in your soil
Can be used on all soil types. Easy to apply!

Monty's Premium Soil Conditioner can be used on all soil types. It can be broadcast applied over large areas or at the base of all trees and shrubs or in flower beds, landscape beds, and in gardens. This product can improve moisture retention, assist in breakdown of organic matter, and may enhance nutrient uptake.

Application Rates: Monty's Premium Soil Conditioner is a concentrated product that should be diluted before using. Dilution rate for lawn & garden application is 2 ounces in 3 gallons of water. Can be applied through soaker hoses, drip irrigation, hose-end applicator, hand held or pull behind tank sprayers, in watering can or large bucket when applying around the base of a plant or spot treating soil. May be applied monthly depending on the desired results and condition of soil. Follow up rain fall will benefit product as it will assist in working it into soil profile.

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