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** The Legends Line has a new look!  Same great product, just in a colorful new bag and improved micronutrients.  Enhanced amino acid packages, added GastroCare Technology and improved Diamond V XPC to promote healthy digestion. **

Legends Race & Compete is a textured, fixed ingredient formula specifically designed for performance horses in racing and intense competition. This highly palatable and digestible beet pulp-based feed will provide optimal fuel to maximize your horse's performance. Legends Race & Compete is a high fat formula (8% minimum fat guaranteed) which provides increased calories for stamina and improved body condition under intense performance. Legends is a premium horse feed line, formulated with advanced technology and the most comprehensive current research for your horse's nutritional needs. Legends Sport Horse Feeds are enhanced carbohydrate and fat formulas meeting the needs of performance horses requiring additional stamina and calories.

50 Pound Bag 


  • Enhanced Starch and Sugar Levels.
  • Added Fat.
  • Fixed Ingredient Formula.
  • Added Prebiotic and Probiotic.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid Sources.
  • Amino Acid Fortification.
  • Organic Trace Minerals Including Selenium.


  • To provide optimal fuel for maximum performance.
  • To provide increased calories for stamina and improved body condition under intense performance.
  • For enhanced palatability and consistent consumption.
  • Cultures to support nutrient digestion and digestive health.
  • To support hoof, muscle, joint and immune system function.
  • To support muscle repair and maintenance.
  • For hoof, coat and immune system support.

50lb Bag

**Special Order Product. Prices may vary.  Please contact The Mill for pricing & availability.  410-838-6111**

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