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Figuerola Laboratories' LaminaSaver is a powerful powder equine hoof supplement designed for horses with founder and laminitis. Lamina Saver enhances the body's natural ability to maintain and protect the health of the laminae, hoof capsule, sole frog, white line, bones and connective tissues. Contains 22,700 mg Restaurex®, a special blend of ingredients that increases the body's capability to promote new healthy cell regeneration. Also promotes keratin and collagen formation for an overall, strong, healthy hoof environment that protects against dry and splitting hooves. Increases oxygen saturation of blood and tissue, promotes maximum oxygen utilization at the cellular level, and peripheral blood flow. Also helps to restore normal blood circulation to the insensitive and sensitive laminae. LaminaSaver also protects cells against harmful free radicals with antioxidant action, and improves resistance to viral and bacterial infections. Plus, contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving phytonutrients that inhibit inflammation. Directions: Feed one scoop twice daily for 12 weeks, then 1/2 scoop twice daily for 24 weeks. Number of scoops supplemented can be increased at any time to achieve individual results. Follow up with LaminaSaver Every-Day Control as maintenance. 1 lb = 40 scoops. Patent pending.

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