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Mill Hay Helper

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A high fiber, low starch forage supplement.

  • Protein: 12
  • Fat: 2
  • Fiber: 35

Hay Helper is designed to be a supplemental source of digestible fiber when hay is not plentiful. This 1/2 inch pellet can replace a portion of your horse’s daily hay intake pound for pound. The added alfalfa meal in Hay Helper contributes to its high degree of palatability. Hay Helper is lower in dust than many traditional hays. 

It is a low-starch forage source that can provide consistently low levels of sugar and starch to horses whose diet may need to contain limited amounts of those energy sources.

Hay Helper has been designed for easy feeding, especially in situations where it may end up on the ground. The large ½” diameter pellet (similar to horse treats) slows consumption, which can reduce digestive upset.

Hay Helper contains a balanced vitamin and mineral profile that increases the safety and efficacy of its use as a forage supplement.

*Please note – Hay Helper should not account for more than 75% of the horse’s daily diet. It is not intended to replace the grain in a horse’s diet. Since horse’s needs vary based upon many factors, including size, breed, level of work, age, and metabolic rate, The Mill encourages you to consult with our Equine Nutritionist prior to making any major changes in your horse’s diet.*

Additional Information:

Feeding Instructions: Feed ½ to 2 pounds per 100 pounds body weight per day.  Feeding levels vary with the quality and availability of forage (hay/pasture).  Seasons and the general condition of the horse will also affect daily feed allowances.  Detailed feeding suggestions are available upon request.

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