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Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans


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Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is an inoculant, or seed treatment, containing a specially formulated blend encapsulated soybean inoculant plus Trichoderma formulated in a talc-graphite carrier. Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is comprised of three proprietary nitrogen fixing bacteria (Bradyrhizobia) and beneficial fungus (Trichoderma) that provide a more efficient use of soil nutrients for the host plant.

Available in: 25oz bags

iGET™ Technology

These proprietary patented biologicals first colonize the soybean crop root system. Their association with the plant induces gene expression and changes in the plant physiology to enhance multiple biochemical pathways. Crop stresses, such as dry weather, can be alleviated and often systemically – so that root colonization by the seed treatment can affect the physiology of the whole plant, even foliar/leaf biology.

Better Seed Flowability

Graph-Ex SA™ uses an innovative talc-graphite carrier for increased seed flowability with high adhesion and low use rates. Seed pre-treated with fungicide/insecticide packages often has rough seed surfaces that can interfere with seed flowability.

Talc/Graphite Benefit

The talc/graphite formulation not only increases seed flowability, but also helps to lubricate the planter equipment. This is important, as it will minimize seed hang-ups in your equipment and reduces the wear and tear on your units.

Increase Soybean Plant Stand

Graph-Ex SA™ delivers the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ Technology plus the nitrogen benefits of our unique proprietary blend of three strains of yield enhancing Bradyrhizobia bacteria. These biologicals work in tandem to improve seedling vigor, accelerate canopy closure, and improve nutrient and water efficiency.

Increase Soybean Yields

Growers don’t just grow food for others; they need to put food on their own tables as well. Improved seedling vigor, accelerated canopy closure, and improved nutrient and water efficiency means two things to the grower: increased soybean yields and a return on investment. Over the past 4 years, growers have averaged a 4.51 bu/a advantage over untreated soybean plots. Farmers with planting in virgin soybean ground have yielded even higher results.