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Graph-Ex for Soybeans - Seed Innoculant


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Graph-Ex for Soybeans is an inoculant, or seed treatment, containing a specially formulated blend encapsulated soybean inoculant formulated in a talc-graphite carrier. Graph-Ex for Soybeans is comprised of three proprietary nitrogen fixing bacteria (Bradyrhizobia) that provide a more efficient use of soil nutrients for the host plant.

Available in: 6 bu packs and 25 oz packs 

Bradyrhizobia Inoculant

Bradyrhizobia are soil bacteria that fix nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes. Rhizobia require a plant host; they cannot independently fix nitrogen. Our proprietary Bradyrhizobia for soybeans are specific to these crops in helping the plant to establish nitrogen fixing nodules that will convert atmospheric nitrogen to nitrogen that is useable by the plant.

Untraditional Benefits

Graph-Ex for Soybeans is NOT a PEAT product formulation. Graph-Ex for Soybeans does NOT put wear and tear on your meters. Graph-Ex for Soybeans does NOT buildup in the planter. Unlike liquid inoculants, Graph-Ex for Soybeans does NOT cause bridging. Graph-Ex for Soybeans DOES have a LOW use rate.

Better Seed Flowability

Graph-Ex for Soybeans uses an innovative talc-graphite carrier for increased seed flowability with high adhesion and low use rates. Seed pre-treated with fungicide/insecticide packages often has rough seed surfaces that can interfere with seed flowability.

Talc/Graphite Benefit

The talc/graphite formulation not only increases seed flowability, but also helps to lubricate the planter equipment. This is important, as it will minimize seed hang-ups in your equipment and reduces the wear and tear on your units.

Increase Soybean Yield

Over the last 4 years, Graph-Ex for Soybeans has averaged yield increases of 2.3 bu/a. Growers have reported increases in yield as high as just over 5 bu/a. Graph-Ex for Soybeans delivers what the grower needs: a return on investment.

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