NatureWise Nourish Waterfowl Bits Poultry Feed


NatureWise Nourish Waterfowl Bits Poultry Feed

Enhance your waterfowl's health and appearance with Nutrena's NatureWise Nourish Waterfowl Bits poultry feed. Crafted with 18% protein, this complete diet contains a guaranteed amount of niacin to support and maintain the health of your ducks. Enhanced with yeast, prebiotics, and probiotics, this specially cooked feed promotes digestion and nutrient absorption to help your flock thrive. The unique floating design of this feed makes for easy on-water feeding, while added yucca extract naturally reduces manure odor.

  • Guaranteed niacin levels 
  • 18% protein complete diet for waterfowl 
  • Added yeast, prebiotics, & probiotics for optimal digestion 
  • Floating design for on-water feeding
  • Yucca extract lessens manure odor 
  • Comes in 30lb. bag


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